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Appropriate Self-Care Promotes Wellness

Primary Health-Care of Charlotte, P.A.® is an inner-city wellness center for the un-served, underserved, un-insured and those that want to be healthy.

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Our Services

Our List of Services

Primary Health-Care of Charlotte, P.A.® promotes healthy self-care, prevents disease and its complications, and prolongs quality of life.

"The value of health care you can trust." 

Betty Marlin, CEO


Allow me to introduce myself as an advanced practice nurse. My name is Betty Marlin, a Parent/Child Clinical Nurse Specialist. More…

Community Service

Our Community Service drives our mission to lead clients toward wellness, wholeness, holiness in Christ.

Wellness, Wholeness, Holiness airs Fri. 7:30-8pm on Cable 21.. More…


Free Care! Come by every 3rd Friday from 3-6pm Eastern.. More…

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